The Word Of God For Asia

We take it for granted that every Christian home in America has several copies of the Holy Bible. Some rarely read it. Others cannot live without reading it. However, millions of people around the world have not seen or read or even heard of the Holy Bible, God's Word.

The Word of God for Asia's purpose is to print and publish Bibles in the languages and manuscripts of the various languages used throughout Asia and to distribute those Bibles freely to the many tribes and peoples of Asia. Our purpose is to give every tribe and tongue and nation an opportunity to read the Word of God for the very first time. We also try to develop a written language for languages that have only been spoken and never written.

Our organization promotes educational facilities for pastors, evangelists, and missionaries, conducts seminars, open air meetings, and mission campaigns for the purposes of speaking to and reaching out to people in their own communities and villages. We promote the growth and construction of new churches and aid those churches that cannot support themselves financially.

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